How to test your strategy in Virtual Trade environment


Virtual trading allows users to place hypothetical trades based on real-time stock market prices. This is most helpful, if you want to test your strategy in live market without any capital or if you are new to the stock market and want to further confirm your strategy that you are more confident of placing it in the live markets.

Virtual trading is a tool by virtue of which the user can test whether the strategy deployed by them is working in the live market in their favor or not, without any risk of erosion of their capital. After analyzing the performance of the strategy in the live market by virtue of virtual trade one can then deploy the said strategy in the live market if one finds the results of virtual test to its satisfaction

Once a user has tested his strategy by conducting Backtest and Optimization, and user is optimistic of its working, then the user can deploy his strategy on Virtual Trade mode before allocating capital to it.


Steps to Deploy into Virtual Trade 

Click on the Strategy at Left side Bar -> Click on My Strategies -> Then select a strategy from My Strategies -> Click on View Strategy -> then select the Symbol for which you want to perform Virtual Trade and press on 'Run Virtual' -> 'Run Virtual' Dialog box will open then follow the below instruction   

. In the Virtual Trade dialog box, You can then select the

  • Quantity: Quantity states the number of equity share or future lots to be used by the Strategy.
  • Order Type: You can change order type from MIS (Intraday) to CNC/NRML (Delivery). This will change the virtual trade results as well.
  • Strategy Live Time period: It is time period for which user wants to test the strategy by virtual trades. User can select 1 days and up to 5 days of time period.
  • Strategy Cycle: Strategy cycle is the number of cycles for which Virtual Trade will be run. User can select minimum 1 cycle and maximum up to 5 cycles. Each cycles comprise of one Buy order and one Sell order.
  • Then Press on Run Button, and then Selected symbol for Strategy will be deployed in Virtual Trade mode.    


Steps to View Detail Report/Stop Virtual Trade instruction follows: 

Click on the 'Strategy' at Left side Bar -> Click on 'Virtual Tab' -> Then select the Strategy name and Script for which Virtual trade is Deployed -> Click on 'View Detail' to View Detail Virtual Trade Result or Click on 'Stop' to perform virtual trade for specific Strategy.     

  • To view details of a Virtual trade click on the 'View Details' quick action button and you would get detail Virtual Trade result with each of the trade. Its result is similar to Backtest Detail Summary, more detail please refer 
  • To stop the Virtual trade you can press the 'Stop' icon and from that moment no further Virtual trade would be conducted for your strategy
  • You can also view Stopped Virtual Trades list by clicking on quick button provided above the Virtual Tab.    


Once you are satisfied with the results of the strategy by backtesting as well as by paper trading, can allocate some capital and put the strategy on live trading!


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