How do I add my Broker API key?

You can add your Broker API key by following below steps:

  • Click on the Brokers icon() at the top right of the dashboard which will navigate to Brokers page
  • Add Broker : Click on 'Add Broker' button and a dialog box will appear, select broker name from drop-down, enter API Key & Secret Key provided by your broker and press "Save" button to add New Brokers configuration first time. If you want to trade from multiple brokers, you can configure more than one APIs
  • Activate Broker: You will able to view list of brokers APIs you have configured at the "Brokers page". You can activate/deactivate the any one Broker's API by changing the Status toggle button. If more than one brokers APIs are configured than at a time only Brokers API will remain active. 
  • To Trade in the live market after adding the brokers API once, you also have to Generate Access Token daily, as it is a mandatory steps to trade in live market. For please refer How to Generate and Update Access Token daily ? for more details        




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